HIPAA-Compliant_1Providing accurate medical transcription service, fast turnaround, and outstanding customer service is our only priority. When you outsource your medical transcriptions, you need a medical transcription company that provides flawless medical transcriptions with a fast turnaround. We also work with any EMR (electronic medical records) and will merge your dictation into the EMR system of your choice.

Our medical transcription company has the capacity to take on any medical transcription job, no matter how big or small. Based on our experience and expertise, our talented team of medical transcriptionists give your medical transcription project their undivided attention until the job is done.

Our medical transcription company employs medical transcriptionists with more than 20 years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the medical transcription industry. There is no medical terminology that we have not encountered. This is why all of our clients continue to rely on us, because our medical transcription company continues to strive to provide them with accurate medical transcription services with a quick turnaround.

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Our medical transcription company can provide medical transcription services using digital voice recorders or direct phone line dictation. All completed medical transcripts can be instantly downloaded right off our secure Internet site.

In the midst of growing concern for increased patient awareness and the liability that entails, our medical transcription service experts will help you dedicate more time and effort toward what you do best – taking care of patients, and growing your practice.

We deliver everything you need to succeed; accurate medical transcriptions, immediate attention, faster turnaround, and smart solutions.

In a Hurry? We provide for STAT dictation and you can easily flag the audio files you need rushed.

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