MedTrans has provided orthopedic transcription services for more than 20 years.

Orthopedic Transcription Services – How it Works:

When it comes to orthopedic transcription, Medtrans is the best in the industry serving orthopods, orthopedists or orthopedic surgeons who demand fast, accurate transcription. We also cover the related specialties of physical sports medicine, rehabilitation, and pain management. Clinicians audio record their observations into a palm held digital recorder. Upon completetion of dictation of the orthopedic report, the dictation is easily transferred to a PC using the USB feature of the digital recorder, which is then uploaded to our server. It’s that simple! MedTrans then transcribes your orthopedic reports into written documents and notifies you via email when the orthopedic transcriptions are complete. You simply login to your account on our secure server and download your orthopedic transcribed reports directly to your computer.

Clients Who Use Orthopedic Transcription Services for Medical Reports:

Clients who utilize our orthopedic transcription services for medical reports include: Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Pain Management specialists from some of the most renowned hospitals and specialty practices in the USA.

Medical Transcription Transmission of Orthopedic Reports:

MedTrans can send you transcribed orthopedic reports to you by secure encrypted e-mail, secure FTP, fax, secure download, and hard copy delivery. In dealing with sensitivity and privacy of your orthopedic files, we strictly adhere to all HIPAA regulations.

Medical Transcription Services Turnaround Time for Orthopedic Reports:

MedTrans understands the need for a fast turn-around time for the transcription of your orthopedic reports. We also provide STAT services for transcribing your medical reports.

Common Digital Recorders used in Medical Transcription of Orthopaedic Reports:

Olympus, Dictaphone, Sony, Sanyo, and Radio Shack are the most common digital recorders used for medical transcription. You can easily transfer your ortho reports from the device to your computer, and simply login to our secure server to upload/download your files.

Why Use MedTrans for the Medical Transcription of Orthopedic Reports:

Why choose MedTrans to provide medical transcription services of orthopedic reports? MedTrans consistently produces accurate, secure, professional transcription of orthopaedic reports with a fast-turnaround. We do not outsource medical transcriptions to other countries, all services are performed on U.S. soil and we hire only the most experienced medical transcriptionists who have extensive knowledge of the terminology used in the orthopedic field. MedTrans explicitly follows all HIPAA guidelines and we also work with any EMR (electronic medical records) and will merge your dictation into the EMR system of your choice.

Hiring MedTrans for medical transcription services eliminates the need to hire and train medical transcriptionists, and you don’t have to provide office space, equipment and pay for costly overhead in-house to transcribe your orthopedic reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Orthopedic Reports for Medical Transcription Services:

The medical transcription services contract can be negotiated for short term, long term and high volume accounts.

  • There are no geographical limitations – we service clients in need of transcribing orthopedic reports from all over the world.
  • Your completed orthopedic reports can be downloaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • All hired medical transcriptionists have gone through security screening and HIPAA training.

We deliver everything you need to succeed; accurate orthopedic transcriptions, immediate attention, fast turn-around, and smart solutions.

In a Hurry? We provide STAT turn-around and you can easily flag the audio files of the reports you need rushed.

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