Digital Medical Transcription allows you to record your voice on a digital voice recorder, download onto your computer, save your voice file on your computer and transmit the voice file to us via the internet instantly. When using our digital transcription services, your digital files are totally protected as they are sent to and from us on our secure server. Email is used only for notification. To access your digital transcriptions, we provide you with a personal code and password that enables you to retrieve your digital transcription files at your convenience.

Fast, Safe, Secure!

When you use MedTrans digital transcription services, we also save the digital transcription files on our system for a year, so that you can easily look up dictations that may have been misplaced in your office. Digital transcription services give you faster turn-around time as well, eliminating the transport of mailing of tapes. We can transport digital transcription files in any format that you need, i.e. DSS, WAV files or MP3.

All You Need To Get Started…

If you are new to using digital transcription services and need transcription recording equipment, we offer the Olympus DS5000 Digital Voice Recorder to you at a reduced cost of $467.00. As long as you have access to the high speed internet, the Olympus DS5000 Digital Voice Recorder is all you need to take advantage of our unparalleled digital transcription services.

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